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Brand Creative Genius

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Small Biz banking expert and all round green guy

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Connector Catalyst Changemaker

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Community Joiner of Dots

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Communications Specialist

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Hamburger God

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Social Media Strategist

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Tax and biz guru

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Community Leader and Social Entrepreneur

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Tech Guru Boss Lady

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Project Transformation Specialist

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Creative Media Pros

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What is BizBuddyHub?

BBH is a hosted community coworking space with a membership of local business people who pay a monthly fee to work and collaborate in a local setting. While based on social enterprise it is a self-sustaining model.

There are different types of members:

  • BizBuddy Associates – a team of professionals who collaborate and provide services to other small business and are responsible for the community and culture of the hub

  • Corporate Members – Who want to work or meet in their own postcode

  • Local members – clients of the BizBuddy associates utilizing the resources to save costs, collaborate and strategise for more lucrative contracts.

  • Part-Time/Casual members
  • Virtual Members